“Melanin Junkie” Is Not An Album By José Promis

José Promis and his music label are aware that there is another singer/songwriter who calls himself “Promis”. He has released a nu-soul-album called “Melanin Junkie” this September.

Although both artists serve different music categories, José Promis and his label are aware that some search engines and other pages think that “Promis” seems to be one artist / musician and this soul album is now shown as a part of the work of José Promis.

Not a José Promis album

In order to avoid any issues for the audience of José Promis or any confusion, we like to make clear that “Melanin Junkie” is NOT an album by José Promis and neither a product of the music label darumeshi records Ltd.!
Please click on PRODUCT to see the whole work of José Promis of the last 11 years.



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