Promis Videos Surfaced After Ten Years

Ten years after the release of the album “Life is Grand!“ in 2008, the music videos for the songs “I Promise“ and “I Saw A Flower Bloom Today“ finally surfaced!
Promis filmed the videos in Paris with Christophe Boulme in summer 2008, but somehow the footage got lost. Now the videos are here and Promis is happy to present them.
A different video for “I Promise“ was made a few years later, which you can watch here, but the video shown below is the original.
This year Promis’ album “Life is Grand!“ has its ten year anniversary.

New Shows announced

June 02        La Galeria, Steyr (AT)
June 08        Barbiche, Berlin (with Lena Braun) (DE)
July 06        La Pazzerelle, Rue Pacho, Nice (FR)
July 07        La Pazzerelle, Rue Pacho, Nice (FR)
July 11         Monster Ronson’s Itchiban Karaoke, Warschauer Str., Berlin (DE)
More To Follow…


New Remix Album “Disco Cabaret” Released On March 23rd 2018

Today Promis released his new album “Disco Cabaret” digitally. Physical copies will be available from May 2018. The album is a collection of remixes from his previous album “Electric Cabaret ” together with new unreleased 

tracks. Where “Electric Cabaret ” dealt with pop and cabaret songs with electronic backgrounds,“Disco Cabaret ” pushes these artistic boundaries even further.

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Electric Cabaret (Album)

… And Its Singles So Far

The album “Electric Cabaret” is Promis’ ninth album in his 10 year music career. It was released on 17 February 2017 digitally and on 11 June 2017 on CD through darumeshi records . The album is a combination of cabaret  and electronic pop songs, chansons and balkan music inspired songs.

Several singles and videos are released so far:

#1 Heaven Forbid (video only, 1 November 2016)
#2 Dragons (single w/ remixes and video, 16 December 2016), DAR-M-0015
#3 We’re Grown Up People (single w/ video, 24 March 2017), DAR-M-0016
#4 50 Bucks From Me 2K17 (single feat. Flixxcore, track was released in corporation with Redlight-Media, 12 May 2017 and is part of “Disco Cabaret“)
#5 Where The Sea Begins (video only, 15 May 2017 )
#6 We’re Grown Up People (The DJ Marauder Remixes) (single w/ video , 2 June 2017 and also part of “Disco Cabaret“)
#7 Can I Just See What It Feels Like To Kiss You (Remix EP) (remix single w/ video, 28 July 2017 and also part of “Disco Cabaret“)
#8 Walk Of Shame (video only, 1 September 2017)
#9 Flash and a Flame (feat. Juval Porat) (single w/ remixes, October 2017)
#10 I Sailed Across The Water (video only, 2 January 2018)
#11 Is This The Face Of A Broken Heart (video only w/ remix, 18 February 2018)
#12 Love of my Life (video only, 8 April 2018)

You can see more video releases here: Videos of Promis.