29 Again


I remember as it seems
Back when I was seventeen
I did not have any fun
’cause I wanted to be twenty-one

Soon enough I reached that age
And was let out of my cage
Every moment up on stage
What it was to be of age!
But something made me subdued
When I found myself turning twenty two

But still I was young
And all about fun
I was twenty-two!

One night in a trashy dive
I celebrated twenty-five!
And I felt so strange because
I wasn’t the age I once was
And believe me, in no time,
I was suddenly staring down twenty-nine!

In what was no time, I turned 29…

And then when I was thirty someone asked
How old I’d turned on my birthday just passed
I said…Twenty-nine…

I ask myself how can this be
Could it be I’m past thirty?
But while I am still alive
I want to feel I’m in my prime!
I can’t help but feel this way
I’ll be facing God knows what someday!

But I want a long life
So when I’m eighty-three
Don’t let me be defiantly forty-five!

Published by JFP Music (BMI)
From the album “Promis 2” and “As Promised – The Best of Promis, Vol. 1”