If You Would Only Let Me Miss You


Today when I woke up
I thought are we immature
For always being together
As if we were insecure
But if we tried missing each other
A future might be assured

Just like anyone, sometimes
One wants to be alone
But by alone I mean alone
We need some time on our own,
It doesn’t mean that there’s any love lost
We just need some time alone

The way to someone’s heart
Can be to just to let them be
If not then you might blind them
To what they need to see!

I want to look forward
To seeing your sweet face
But if we’re always together
The mystery becomes erased
So please just let me miss you
And we’ll wind up in the right place
If you would only let me miss you
We might wind up in an embrace

Published by JFP Music (BMI)
From the album “Love Stories”