Look To Heaven


When I was a little guy
I’d clasp my hands and close my eyes
And with utmost sincerity
I’d send my thoughts northbound to thee

I prayed for all my family
And everyone & everything important to me
Watch over all the good people in the land
Every child, every lady, and every single man

But things turned out in unplanned ways
Like snowfall in the month of May
So I don’t believe in fairy tales
Or look to heaven when everything fails

It snowed in May and June was cold
Despite all that I had been told
To expect, so no more fairy tales
Or looking to heaven when everything fails

But why did things happen as they did?
I asked this while I was still a kid
No use to mess with destiny
It’s been that way through eternity
It’s been that way…, it’s been that way…through eternity!

But still despite seeming so absurd
Knowing all that I should have learned
That without any trace of irony
I can’t believe it, how can it be
I close my eyes, I close my eyes oh please save me

Published by JFP Music (BMI)
From the album “Promis III”