Make Me Feel Heaven


I still recall the way I felt that first time
When I knew I’d have to fight just to keep you mine
Little did I know how excited I could be
Knowing how you could make my heart bleed
So I did raise my flag, I did surrender
To give you the lead
I did it willingly
For I know this is what I need!

Make me feel helpless
Make me feel heaven
What do I call the way that I feel?
How I was programmed
The way I know I am
Am I myself or am I now unreal?
Should I just pray to
Make it go away
And maybe someday have a family?
Or should I lay back, and enjoy every attack
And let things be the way I wish they can be

When something’s there you know you’re not meant to touch
Deep inside it stirs your soul so very much
For I will fight every single living day
To keep you close and keep on in this crazy way
So baby keep me here!
I’m afflicted now, I’m addicted now
It’s been so many years
Never go and please stay near

Published by Young Pals Music / JFP Music (BMI)
From the album “Life is Grand!”