We Did Nothing But Laugh


About ten thousand nights ago
We’d sit around and time would pass
And we only lived for fun
And we did nothing but laugh

And all those good times never stopped
Whoever thought they would subside
But a stronger force did rot
A force that grew down deep inside

Which caused two who grew up together
To seemingly lose touch forever
And what’s the use to try?
Let’s just wave those days goodbye

And now we see life’s not the same
And did we seek what we did find?
If we were to meet again
Would we be off or we be fine?

It seems that we lost touch forever
And can we ever be the same?
And should we even try?
Or just kiss those days goodbye?

And to think that we grew up together!
Well how on earth did we lose touch forever?
And should we even try?
Or just wave those days goodbye!

Now here we are how time’s gone by!
I can’t remember when I saw you last
But now we meet like way back then
And still we do nothing but laugh

Published by JFP Music (BMI)
From the album “Promis 2”