When Lovers Get Bored


You ask me why
I did what I did
I turn a blind eye
I feel just like a kid

Who can honestly say
Why lovers do what they do?
When things aren’t really that bad
But thrilling is also untrue

I look left and I look right
Then dart my eyes to the floor
But when I look up I say
I did it because I was bored!

And then I notice this will
Surging somewhere within me
It won’t let me lie tonight
It wants us to speak frankly

If things were a little more fun
If sex had a little more zing
We wouldn’t have to stray too far
To make the nights more exciting!

Or maybe we’ve been together
Too long, or does it seem,
The flames that once burned there
Have gone the way of our dreams?

Our dreams were all we could see
Our dreams of just you and me
But dreams can seemingly end
When you try to sleep with each other’s friends!

So if I catch you alone
Sneaking around the back door
I won’t get mad ’cause I know
What lovers can do when they’re bored!

So let’s not throw it away
Let’s not set the old dreams on fire
Let’s vow to have fun again
Keep going and never get tired!

To keep our love in good health
We must make it fun I implore
Because there’s nothing more sad
More sad than when two…two lovers get bored!

Published by JFP Music (BMI)
From the album “Promis”